Course: Create Your Own Website

Build it Yourself

You don’t have to rely on a web company

Are you starting a business, a pet project, or something in-between? One of our capable devs will teach you how to build a website on the WordPress platform. Take notes and after that 1-3 hours, you’ll be able to get effective and creative with top-of-the-line platforms, themes, and plugins.

This service costs $80-$240, depending on how long it takes. If you’d like to learn more after, another lesson can be arranged. Email; Gain the power to increase your own business online presence!

Why do it yourself?

Cost: Even compared to the affordable rates at DE Web Services, building your own website can be much more cost-effective than hiring a company to do it for you.

Flexibility: When you want something updated or changed, you don’t have to go through someone else who has to do it for you.

Control: When you build your own website, you have total control over every aspect of the site from design to functionality.

Personal Satisfaction: Sometimes doing things without relying on outside help can be a satisfying experience. With websites, it’s no different: Building your own website can be an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Wilmington Designs - Web Design Project

*This site was built with all of the tools we’ll provide for you over the course of a lesson.

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